The Idea

I set out to build boards that keep me stoked no matter what the waves are doing. Like everyone, I’m chasing the dream board, and for me this comes down to three things: Speed, Response, and Flow.

This has led to a range of boards with classic roots and modern performance. Far from retro I’ve developed these classic shapes to their natural progression, performance orientated with the perfect amount of float and flow, retaining the characteristics that make these boards so appealing, while feeling fast and free under foot.

The boards are tested extensively by both myself, friends and team riders, pushed to their limits at world class waves all across Europe.

I’m one of a small number of people to have tested surfboard constructions in a materials lab. With access to state of the art equipment I’ve been able to produce and test advanced composites in a way rarely seen in the surfboard industry. One of my biggest goals with Cooper Surfboards is breaking the mindset around disposable surfboards. It’s generally accepted that a performance-weight board will last 12 months when surfed regularly, this doesn’t need to be the case, and is mostly down to high-volume manufacturers who save a dollar for every corner cut. By taking a little extra time, and making smart material choices a performance board can easily last twice this.

While developing Cooper Surfboards I’ve been lucky enough to have spent time around hugely talented shapers at Lost, Steve Hendon (Oblong Surfboards, Open, Adams), Beau Young, and Neal Purchase Jnr. These guys have truly earnt my admiration and each has helped me improve my craft.

Every board is handmade by me at Open Surfboard Factory in the heart of Cornwall, a stones throw from the beach in St Agnes. I’m always keen to chat surf, whether you need board guidance or help with the construction that is right for you, you can visit or get in touch here.

Beginnings Ollie Cooper Surfing at Medewi, Bali

I’ve been surfing for over 12 years and shaping for 8 of these. I enjoy riding a wide range of boards and my range reflects this, I rode shortboards exclusively for years and when the inevitable desire came to ride anything else I was put off by the lack of drive and response that I was used to. This is a situation that many have found themselves in, bored of grovellers that feel disconnected in small waves, while wanting a little bit ‘more’ from a traditional fish or midlength.

I set out to build boards that keep me stoked no matter what the waves are doing, and the knowledge that others are enjoying them too puts a big smile on my face.

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