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Handcrafted Custom Surfboards

Cooper Surfboards produce a range of handcrafted custom surfboards in Cornwall, UK. Specialising in high performance surfboards melded with classic designs, every board is made one at a time, by hand, ensuring an uncompromising attention to detail.

Strictly custom made, my boards sit in a happy niche of user-friendly performance that help both experienced and novice surfers make the most of our British waves. With a background in hydrodynamics and composite engineering my focus is on strong and light boards for surfers pushing their limits, quality has always come first and my boards consistently outlast and out-perform expectations.

When I’m not in the shaping bay, you’ll find me in the water testing and refining my craft.

Classic Single Fin Round Tail Longboard Handmade in the UK by Cooper Surfboards

The process

We start with a range of models developed over time from our rider feedback. These offer a base and inspiration to create your perfect surfboard.

But to create this we need your input, your personal dimensions and what you’re really looking for; from a fun summer board that can catch a ripple, to a refined tube hound to take on your local slab.

From here every detail is dialled to you.


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