The EcoBoard Project

The Ecoboard project is something I’ve been working towards for a while. It represents a move towards a greener, more eco friendly production. They use less raw materials by using renewable materials, and offer options for recycling at the end of a boards usable life.

So I’m stoked to say all of our board models are now available in Verified Ecoboard construction. You can find details of the different tech we use below and simply specify Ecoboard construction on your order. You can upgrade to Ecoboard construction from just £80.

So what is an ecoboard?

The EcoBoard project was created by Sustainable Surf to set out a standard for more eco-friendly board building processes.

What’s Changed?

Primarily Materials. Both our blanks and resin, the two largest parts of a surfboard, have been switched to more sustainable alternatives. Our Ecoboards use both recycled EPS blanks (25% recycled content) from Marko Foam, along with Super Sap resin.

This resin has 40% bio-based content. That means the raw materials going into our epoxy resins are co-products or waste products of other industrial processes. This replaces the usual, non-renewable petroleum-based carbon with a renewable plant-based carbon.

By purchasing an Ecoboard rather than standard PU/PE you are helping alleviate the consumption of resources that harm our environment. Increasing biodegrability, while reducing toxicity and pollution.

eco friendly fish surfboard

How do they ride

You’ve probably heard about Ecoboards before. And any doubt in their ability has certainly been dispelled, just watch Stab in the Dark 2018 where Mick Fanning exclusively rides Ecoboards. We’ve added something special to ours by teaming our superior S-glass with a bi-axial fibreglass deck. S-glass is already 30% tougher than the industry standard, when used with bi-axial we introduce 4 axis of fibre into our decks. This improves strength and stiffens the board slightly to compensate for the more flexible EPS core. You get a board that has the familiar flex of a standard polyurethane board with improved strength and less pressure dents. As standard we run a stringerless blank with carbon tape top and bottom, or we have renewable sourced bamboo stringers available on request.

We can recycle your surfboard!

We build our boards to last and in the case that they are broken, be easily repairable. But when that time does come to retire a board it can now be partly recycled. Unfortunately it’s not quite as easy as popping it in your recycling yet. Bring your board to us and we will strip the fibreglass, remove the plugs and send the EPS core to be recycled.

What happens to the recycled core?

The EPS core is put through a grinder and broken down into the individual foam beads. From here it is mixed with a bonding agent, placed in a mould, and under high pressure formed into something new. It could even become another surfboard blank!

We’re stoked to be a part of this but it is only the beginning. We’re striving to go further and will publish regular updates on what we’re doing to improve our eco credentials. Meanwhile check out our range of boards all available in Ecoboard construction here.