Electric Twin

Electric Twin Fin Surfboard by Cooper Surfboards UK

The evolution of the modern twin fin fish

From £525

Product Details

The Electric Twin is the most versatile fish shape available; extremely refined, short, and wide.

I started out with a traditional fish outline, pulled the wide point back slightly to introduce more curve in the back end. This creates a tighter turn on rail, a little more width between the feet for glide through smaller waves, and a narrower tail for hold.

The magic is in the foil of this board though. The tail is extremely refined to bite into the wave face even when it gets bigger, this controls the tail end in more powerful, vertical waves. The rail is similar to a performance shortboard while slightly more downturned, this low volume rail effectively makes the board feel thinner while on rail, allowing you to get extremely low and drive through turns.

The Electric Twin is fast and responsive, while never sliding out. The modern fish outline works well with an upright twin fin set with a slightly longer base.

I happily recommend this board in waves from waist high to overhead. Advanced surfers: ride this 5 – 7″ shorter than your shortboard. Novice and intermediate surfers: ride from the same length as your height up to 2″ longer.

Quick Facts

Wave Size

Waist High to Overhead

Fin Set-up

Twin Fin




Performance Low Rail


Length Width Thickness
5’3 20 5/8 2 7/16
5’5 20 3/4 2 7/16
5’7 20 7/8 2 1/2
5’9 21 2 1/2
5’11 21 1/8 2 1/2
6’1 21 1/4 2 9/16
6’3 21 3/8 2 9/16

Add Ons

Coloured Resin Tints & Sprays




Gloss Polish Finish